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Paths and Climbing Cinque Terre

Declared by the UNESCO as World Heritage in 1997, the 'Natural Park of Cinque Terre' is 30 minutes by train from Sestri Levante. There are 5 villages there: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore, all facing the sea. It's a territory in which sea and land become one in order to form a unique and enchanting area. The 18 km of rocky coast with a lot of bays, beaches and deep sea is towered by a mountain chain which goes alongside the coast.


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From Sestri levante to Moneglia...

The most well-known paths go throughout the promontory of Punta Manara, which separates Sestri Levante from Riva Trigoso. Other facing-the-sea itineraries are those ones up to Punta Baffe, located on the eastern edge of the bay of Riva Trigoso and they lead to Moneglia or to Casarza Ligure, if one continues on the same way.

The particular position  of the Hotel, on the panoramic way towards Cinque Terre, is perfect to make enchanting excursions, even on foot, starting from the Hotel.

For those who love climbing, an enjoyable spit crosswise climbing itinerary, called 'Salto nel blu' (Leap in the blue) has been recently set on the cliff expense which links Sestri Levante to Moneglia.


There are a lot of itineraries which can be done by bike and MTB starting just from the Hotel.


We counsel to you some of them for MTB:

  • Montecostello
  • Passo del Bocco di Bargone
  • Circuito permanente Tavarone
  • Discesa da Villa Tassani a Sestri Levante
  • Discesa dal Monte Capenardo a Cavi
  • I Casali - Monte Alpe di Maissana
  • Santuario di Velva - Montepietra di Vasca
  • Moneglia - Lemeglio
  • Monte San Nicolao - Madonna della Guardia
  • Punta Baffe


There is the tennis club 'La Fattoria' which is located 2 km from the Hotel. Our guests can have a concessional price on the tennis court booking. For bookings and further information, you can ask at the Hotel reception.


In 25 minutes by car from the Hotel, you can reach the famous  Golf Club of Rapallo which was built up in the early 30's and, as the years went by, became known and appreciated all over the world.

For bookings and further information, you can ask at the Hotel reception.

Car - Motorbike - Scooter rental

Hotel Relais San Rocco offers its guests the car/motorbike/scooter rental service in order to let them visit all the marvelous landscapes of Liguria.

For bookings and further information, you can ask at the Hotel reception.



Every year the municipality of Sestri Levante organizes a lot of different entertainments. These are events related to sport (sailing regattas, soccer tournaments, fishing competitions), to culture (expositions, conventions), to folklore ('Barcarolata': a parade of decorated and illuminated boats in the Silenzio (Silence) Bay), to gastronomy (well represented by the so-called 'sagre': a typical festival in which you can taste all the characteristic dishes of our region).

The most prestigious festival is doubtless the 'Hans- Christian Andersen Price – Baia delle Favole (Bay of fables)' which is a very appreciated literary fable competition. It was founded in 1967 by Dr. David Bixio, Relais San Rocco's owner, and takes place every year in May.



Genoa is only 50 km from the Hotel: from the city centre in the port area up to the wonderful forts towering it from the hills, Genoa is a melting-pot of ancient places and surprising and modern events. When it comes either to culture and young people's night life, it's a city which has a real wide offer.

The Aquarium in Genoa is the biggest marine park within Europe: 71 tanks, 800 species, over 10.000 exemplars with the Gulf of  Genoa in the background and is located in a ship-shaped show room. About 100 km from the Hotel you can find one of most famous shopping spots, one of the most known European outlets: “Serravalle McArthur Designer Outlet ”.



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